We are offering a range of seminars to help individuals understand complex issues such as inheritance Tax (IHT) and retirement planning.

Seminars by GWMRetirement Seminars

These seminars are intended for people within five years of retirement and will:

  • Cover the various options regarding how to take your benefits.
  • Give examples of how each option may appeal to certain clients.
  • Highlight some of the pitfalls.
  • Give you an insight into the sorts of questions you should be asking yourself before making any decision.
  • Show how retirement planning is about all of your assets, not just your pension plan.

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IHT Seminars

These are some of the areas that the seminar will cover:

  • How will Inheritance Tax affect your estate?
  • What is in your estate and what isn’t?
  • Who pays, how much and when?
  • What can be done to reduce the IHT bill?

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