This autumn has seen Financial Planner, Andrew Taylor join the growing advisor team at Grosvenor Wealth Management (GWM). A career spanning 20 years within the financial services industry, Andrew started in the banking sector before qualifying to be able to provide regulated advice to his clients.

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Andrew explains, ‘Providing clients with advice and knowledge to help achieve their life plans is extremely rewarding. By looking at all aspects of their finances really allows me to provide options to support their plans and make any adjustments manageable.’

Whilst the pandemic has seen unprecedented times for many, the financial advisors at GWM have found it to be extremely busy. Abbie Buss, Head of Operations at GWM explains, ‘The last 18 months has seen people review timescales on their retirement plans, use their time to consider their work/life balance and with a reduction on spending, looking to invest more of their money whether that is in property or other options to increase the amount there are saving.’

Andrew is already working with a number of clients, advising on the full spectrum of services offered by GWM. To enable him to provide the most appropriate advice, Andrew looks to understand his clients’ short, medium and long-term goals. By working with people in this manner, it enables Andrew to offer specific and relevant options.

From working with Clients who are starting off on their financial planning journey through to those who are established in their investments but want further advice or to diversify their plans; Andrew is consistent in his customer excellence service and of the firm believe that everyone has the opportunity for a better financial future.

Andrew says, ‘Joining GWM has been a fantastic next step in my career. As well as helping clients to grow their investments, a significant part of my work is to also help to protect their wealth. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow our clients who are based south of London as well as work with like-minded individuals.’

Abbie concludes, ‘Finding the right people to join the advisor team that are not only qualified but of similar mindset can take time. We like to deliver a personable service and being able to (now) have face to face meetings is important. We are really pleased to have Andrew on-board and broaden our geographical presence whilst maintaining our service ethos.’

If you would like to speak to Andrew or one of the financial planning team, they can be contacted on 020 3030 4141.

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