With five new recruits joining the firm throughout 2022, Grosvenor Wealth Management is on the rise and we’re not planning on stopping our growth journey just yet. The expansion of our adviser, admin and finance teams just highlights the level of growth the company is currently going through. It’s a really exciting time to be a part of the firm.

The GWM team are very pleased to welcome on board our latest recruit, Jak Antony, to our expanding adviser team.

To find out more about our new adviser, we interviewed Jak to get to know a bit more about him and how he’s progressing so far…


Why did you join Grosvenor Wealth Management?

Ever since the first stage interview meeting Abbie, I knew I had to be a part of the GWM team. The recruitment and onboarding process has showed how much the firm cares about their people (clients and staff). The culture at Grosvenor is exactly what I’m looking for and want to contribute to this as time goes on.

What do you hope to achieve whilst at GWM?

I hope to extend the Grosvenor brand awareness and my own with it by putting the firm into the strongest possible position. Longer term, I want to build robust client and B2B relationships, putting my own bespoke mark on the business.

How have you found your Grosvenor experience so far?

The GWM team have been incredibly warm and welcoming since I entered the office from day one. The team have confirmed the thoughts I first had during the initial interview with Abbie. That this is a growth orientated and supportive firm, focused on putting the clients needs and aspirations first – in all accounts. I haven’t even been at the firm for a month yet and I already feel like I belong.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a proud father of two sons – who definitely keep me busy. I enjoy watching my football team, Arsenal, play at home and keeping myself in shape by going to the gym and playing squash. During my down time, I like to spend time socialising with friends, family and close business associates. When I find any further time to myself at all, I can be found in my home studio producing electronic music.

Welcome to the Grosvenor Wealth Management team Jak!

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