There can be some confusion about the service that a Wealth Manager can provide and how they can benefit their client’s financial goals. As a qualified IFA, a Wealth Manager can advise on any and all aspects of a client’s current and long-term finances. But, the particular advantage of engaging a Wealth Manager is the holistic advisory service they can provide. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of a client’s financial circumstances and long-term needs and goals, a Wealth Manager can create a Life Plan with the client, so all of their investments and assets are working towards achieving the same goals.

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Below, we outline the ways in which a Wealth Manager can help you achieve your financial goals through adopting a joined-up approach to your personal finances.

Holistic Wealth Management – creating a Life Plan

Wealth Management involves an in-depth approach to a client’s current and forecasted financial position, including their employment, financial products and personal assets. Through a comprehensive consultation, a Wealth Manager will work with their client to set ambitions, but achievable, financial goals in line with a coherent and sustainable Life Plan. A Life Plan will include all aspects of a client’s finances, their attitude to risk, and personal investment values and preferences, so all financial areas are working towards achieving the same goals.

Investment and Tax Planning

A Wealth Manager’s approach to investment and tax planning will involve assessing their client’s current financial circumstances. From here, a Wealth Manager can advise on how personal allowances and investment options can combine to work towards the client’s Life Plan. This may involve cash flow modelling, mitigating capital gains tax, reviewing and advising on VCT investments, advising on dividend payments and reinvestment, and effective IHT planning. A Wealth Manager will also provide comprehensive advice on the available managed investment options that are consistent with the client’s goals and values.

Retirement Planning

Having a comfortable retirement is a common objective in a client’s Life Plan. However, this can mean very different things to different people. A Wealth Manager will work with their client to determine their exact retirement goals. Through reviewing their client’s current pensions and investments, a Wealth Manager will construct an optimal investment portfolio that combines market leading retirement products.

Intergenerational and Estate Planning

A Wealth Manager will work with their client to create a Life Plan that will work towards their personal goals, while, at the same time, preserving their wealth for their family. Whether through Trusts, gifts or intergenerational investments, a Wealth Manager can advise on the best options to pass on an estate in a tax-efficient and protected way.

Property Ownership and Mortgages

Effective Wealth Management includes managing debts alongside investments and assets. Any Life Plan a Wealth Manager creates with their client will consider their mortgage arrangement and the path to becoming debt free. A Wealth Manager can also advise on mortgage and property opportunities, such as remorgaging, Buy to Let, product transfers, equity release and Retirement Interest Only Mortgages (ROIs).

Wealth Management and Personal Protection

Personal protection is a key part of any successful Life Plan. Without it, a person’s wealth and their security are vulnerable to significant life changes, like redundancy or critical illness. A Wealth Manager will advise on appropriate personal protections, such as income protection, critical illness cover and life insurance, that will secure their client’s wealth and provide them piece of mind during a difficult time.

Wealth management is a bespoke service, uniquely tailored to the client’s needs. For this reason, the level of service can be comprehensive, technical, fully managed, or advisory. Whatever the flavour of wealth management you are seeking, the aim of a Wealth Manager is the same – to give a regular, discretionary and bespoke service to their clients, allowing their finances and investments to continually work towards their financial aims throughout their life.

PLEASE NOTE: Grosvenor Wealth Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The value of investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount you invested. Tax treatment is dependent on individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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