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Smart Money March April 2020

Planning for Retirement Will my retirement income be enough to live on comfortably? Welcome to our latest edition. At the time of writing this issue, Sajid Javid had resigned asChancellor of the Exchequer with less than a month [...]

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Smart Money November 2019

Cultivate the art of patience Investment Objectives Welcome to our latest edition. Inside this issue, we look at a number of the topical financial planning stories making the news agenda. Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays [...]

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Smart Money May June 2019

Inheritance Tax No longer something that only affects the very wealthy. At the time of writing this issue, the uncertainty around the terms of Brexit have been extended to a new deadline set for 31 October. All we [...]

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Smart Money March-April 2019

Life after work.  Planning for the retirement you deserve. Experience life to the full Welcome to our latest issue. Robert Kiyosaki, the American businessman and author of the best-selling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, once [...]

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