Pension boost

Are you claiming all of the generous tax relief you’re entitled to?

Welcome to the July/August 2021 edition of Smart Money.

In this issue, we’ll be focusing on retirement planning, the potential threats to your investments from scammers and the reappraisal of retirement living in light of the pandemic. Inside, we’ll discuss how best to take advantage of the generous pension tax relief you’re entitled to (page 8), the stages of your retirement planning ‘journey’ (page 4), how best to protect your family wealth by mitigating or reducing Inheritance Tax (page 6), and the often-overlooked impact of direct taxes on retirement income (page 9). The pandemic has brought about a reappraisal of where to retire for the over 50s, who are increasingly looking to relocate for a better quality of life. On (page 10) we look at this trend and how best to make it a reality. Lastly, we discuss the rise in pension and investment scams and how you can best protect yourself and your money (page 12).

smartmoney Jul aug 2021 planning for retirement
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