Fed up with your nine-to-five?

Sixty the most popular age to retire early

Welcome to the May/June 2022 edition of Smart Money.

In this edition, we look at what age many people are entering early retirement and the key steps, costs and benefits of doing so (page 10). We also discuss the concerning issue for many women’s retirement saving in the continued gender pension gap (page 7), and how to build a retirement nest egg through a working life involving many jobs and career changes (page 12).

We also consider intergeneration wealth through two articles in this issue. On (page 3) we outline the importance of keeping an up-to-date Will and estate planning for the next generation, and how best to financially help your children from birth (page 8).

Financial threats and difficulties are common place in the media at the moment. In this edition, we look at three ways to financially protect yourself for the future, through personal protection (page 5), avoiding financial scams (page 9) and effectively navigating the recent ‘no-fault’ divorce legislation (page 6).

smartmoney Nov Dec 2021 planning for retirement
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