Build your own financial plan

Vision without action is merely a dream

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 edition of Smart Money.

Inside, we’ll be considering how you can plan for your retirement and the importance of starting your financial plan early (page 6). There are many unforeseen circumstances that can affect your financial plan, protections for your future wealth (page 7), coping with life changing events (page 11) and the possible effects of high inflation on your investments (page 12) are important considerations in developing robust financial planning to secure your future. In today’s job market it’s not uncommon to build up a variety of pension pots on your career journey, on (page 8) we look at how to trace these dormant pots down. Lastly, as the effects of climate change are being felt, we consider how your pension can work to create a better world for the future (page 10).

smartmoney Jul aug 2021 planning for retirement
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