Financial Action Plan

10 steps to help you build a better financial future.

Welcome to the November/December issue of Smart Money.

During these uncertain times, it can help to focus on the things you can control. In this issue we consider what your money’s doing for you now and where it might come from in the future to give you real peace of mind. Inside, we discuss the change in state pension age and how this can impact on your retirement plans (page 3), how planning inheritance (page 4) and financial gifts for children (page 10) are important considerations, and what assurance critical illness cover can provide you (page 12). To make the best of your investment choices we take a look at an effective 10 step financial action plan (page 6), the foundational principles of investing (page 9), and how sustainable investment can build a better future for your finances, as well as for the planet (page 8). On (page 5) we outline Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s October rescue deal and what support this provides for businesses facing the present challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

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