Maximising Your Retirement Funds

How to make the most of the various pension allowances?

Welcome to the September/October issue of Smart Money.

As the world continues to work out how to live with the coronavirus pandemic, many will agree that the new normal needs new thinking. The pandemic has brought into perspective the need for expert financial guidance and support to plan for turbulent periods in the future. In this issue, we look at how effective financial planning can mitigate those uncertainties, from making sure your Will is up-to-date (page 6), the potential impacts of delaying your retirement (page 7), to considering the choices of care available in later life (page 12). On (page 9) we discuss the continued rise in divorce in the over forties and the complications this can bring to assets and inheritance. With pensions remaining the cornerstone of retirement planning, we consider how to make the most of the various pension allowances on offer (page 10), as well as the new freedoms available in taking your pension pot (page 8).

smartmoney mar april 2020 planning for retirement
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